The TIE Exam has been designed for all students of all abilities and motivations, following either long or short English Language courses or programs. TIE is a flexible, learner-centred exam, designed to recognise and accommodate the needs and interests of each learner, regardless of their level of English, age, cultural or educational background. It is the perfect exit exam. The test is task-based with the content chosen by each individual learner and can therefore be used to assess learners with the following needs and motivations:

Learners of English for general purposes

Learners of English for Vocational, Professional or Academic Purposes

Learners of English as a Foreign Language

What Makes the TIE Different?

Unique Approach

The TIE Exam takes a unique approach to language testing, in which Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills are considered to be interrelated and reliant on each other, where receptive language skills support and underlie productive skills – similary to what they tend to do in real life!

Exam format

Each qualification consists of two units: The Speaking exam, within which Listening skills are embedded and the Written exam, within which Reading skills are embedded. The Level One Exam format assesses A1-B1 levels. The Level Two Exam format assesses B2-C2 levels.


The Spoken and Written exams incorporate tasks which candidates can prepare prior to the exams, choosing topics and texts in which they have a personal interest.

Achievement Test

Candidates are awarded the qualification at the level they have achieved on the day of the exam. In other words, candidates are eligible to be awarded either a qualification of a higher or a lower level of attainment than the one they had initially aimed at.

The Certificate

The TIE certificate is issued by Gatehouse Awards. The certificate states the overall CEFR level of the candidates based on their performance across all exams. In addition, the certificate also reflects a proficiency level associated with each individual skill. This is helpful for the candidates as they will know exactly which skill(s) is the strongest and which is the weakest.

Who is the TIE for?


The TIE is the ideal exit exam for all scholastic and academic levels. Its unique structure, which requires the candidate to prepare the material for the exam, makes it adaptable to taught content.

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For teachers who need to certify their level of English proficiency, especially for CLIL compliance requirements.

The TIE Exam is in fact, the most appropriate exam for teachers vying for CLIL qualification, because this exam allows candidates to choose topics and texts in which they have a personal interest. In this case, the teachers can very well use their subject matter as their prepared exam topic.

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Language Schools

For language schools who would like to offer a modern English Certification as an exit exam, at the end of a language course.

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For organizations who want to gauge and validate their employees’ level of English.

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Private individuals

For any non-native speakers, who need a legitimate proof and recognition of their current level of English

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