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Ric Nolfi

Ric Nolfi

Academic Consultant
EAP Lecturer - University of Northampton, UK


Ric Nolfi is an EAP Lecturer - English for Academic Purposes, at the University of Northampton, with ten years’ experience in the position and sixteen years overall English teaching experience. Ric is also a researcher in the field of English Phonetics; he is involved in fostering the teaching of Phonetics as a major concern within any student’s career, may that be academic or else. For this reason, he has published two books, (“The Melody of English” and “The Melody of English … on Intonation”).

Within the Academic English and Study Skills lecturing, Ric has a particular interest in Critical Thinking, for which he holds a Certification from the University of Oxford (2019) and studying towards a Philosophy degree, still with the University of Oxford.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ric-nolfi-8294211b/