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We are a team of committed English language experts. We are certified English language trainers and educators with experience in both public and private sectors. Our extensive experience in Italy gives us an in-depth understanding and a unique appreciation of effective language teaching methodologies in the country.

What we Do

Our mission is to address the current needs of the Italian market which demands for qualified, competent and hardworking English language experts. Our network includes English language schools, private and public, that provide English language services from teaching, training, exam preparation, staffing and translations.

Our goal is to encourage, support and empower Italians to become confident global citizens, by certifying their knowledge of English. We provide a comprehensive range of English certification and language training services - through educational support services and publications, to schools, companies and organizations, both private and public.

At Empire English, we take pride in providing the solution to any English language service an organization or institution needs.

We are proud administrators of the Test of Interactive English (TIE) Exam in Italy

The Test of Interactive English (TIE) Exam is a modern alternative five-skill (Interactive, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) language achievement test. It is a friendly and encouraging learner-centered English certification exam, designed to distinguish and respect the specific needs and interests of each learner, regardless of their level of English, age and cultural background.

The TIE is a task-based assessment with the content chosen by each learner. The candidates are invited to show their current language resources in a context that is specific and applicable to them. It focuses on the communicative and integrated use of language in real life day-to-day situations, rather than testing the productive and receptive skills as separate, isolated skills.

Learn why the TIE certification is for you

For all the above reasons, Empire English Language Services is proud to be the administrator of the TIE exam in Italy. We believe that the TIE, given its unique qualities, is appropriate for today’s English certification needs.

Given our experience in the field of English exams and certification, we have the necessary skills to train examiners, provide educational support, oversee exam sessions, and uphold the integrity of the TIE exam. With our strong academic background, we are in the position to train teachers and educators, preparing their candidates for the TIE exam. In doing so, we provide non-native English speakers aiming to validate their knowledge of the language, a real opportunity to prove their current level.

The Test of Interactive English certification is an ESOL qualification available internationally and is recognized by the MIUR. Awarded by Gatehouse Awards, TIE qualifications are regulated by OFQUAL in England and are part of the RQF.

We are constantly on the lookout for English Language Experts who are passionate about their work and who share our approach to language learning. If you are interested in joining our growing team or if you are an English teacher interested in becoming a certified TIE examiner, please click here.